Choosing Future Careers? Clarity is Key

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To use the clichéd but very accurate old analogy, the point in your life when your studies are coming to a close and the future is looming is a true crossroads. You are not alone in feeling daunted by this situation. The word ‘career’ summons up a million different possibilities with no clear indication of which direction you should be facing, but the key is not to panic. Instead of feeling pressured to jump straight into action, take a deep breath and read our tips to clearing your head before you begin the job hunt, which will allow for a much smoother ride in the long run.


Define your goals, expand your opportunities

This may sound simple, but having a clear idea of what you really want is key to pursuing the right career path. Many find themselves aiming for the same popular careers as their fellow graduates, but by knowing what you really want out of a career, you can open yourself up to many different opportunities – which may be less competitive, too. With the UK graduate jobs market shrinking, exploring less obvious options has many great benefits, including reduced competition from other graduates. By determining what you are really looking for in a job, be it the location, for example, or a chance for creative output, you can both narrow your search and explore alternative possibilities, safe in the knowledge that you are aiming for something which is really important to you.

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But what do I really want?

For some, your priorities will be clear. Sit down and make a list of the factors important to you, so that if you come across an opportunity you feel unsure about, you can check it against your list and see how well it really matches up. If the question ‘what DO I really want?’ seems impossible to answer, try talking it through with someone trusted. Having a chat with friends or family is a great idea, but many have also found that seeking advice elsewhere can be a real help. Medium readings, for example, are renowned for giving people clarity when going through a period of change. Sites like The Circle allow you to choose a medium reading tailored to your needs by presenting you with different psychics and showcasing each one’s expertise and approach.

The next step

Once you feel more confident about what you are really looking for in a job, it’s time to get searching! Your university’s career centre seems an obvious place to start, and with good reason: they will have resources and job opportunities aimed specifically at students, and by coming to them with a clear head they will find it even easier to help you out. Do not underestimate your own power, either, as your own research and initiative is your most valuable tool. It is no surprise that 53% of students listed the internet as a top resource when job hunting, the (online) world really is your oyster. The possibilities might still be endless, but hopefully, now, it is clearer which are ones right for you.


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