Top 5 In Demand Jobs and Fastest Growing Occupations

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According to recent surveys, unemployment is the one of the main concerns of young professionals. It is especially important for many people to know which will be the most demanded jobs in 2017 and the future. If you know, it’s possible to plan studies or course related to that field or to continue what you’ve already started with more confidence.

In this year the positions related to technologies and large databases of information (Big data) will be the most demanding fields. This is revealed by studies published by recruiting companies all over the world.


Digitalization will be the one that makes the labour market and the majority of the jobs more dynamic. So much so that it’s predicted in the next five years to create over a million job positions. In the current year companies want engineers, experts in cybersecurity, creation of mobile applications and web development, etc. In short, highly qualified professionals in Science, Technology and Mathematics are in need.

Cybersecurity is one of the most booming sectors. The development of numerous technology projects within companies makes the security of this information paramount. This is especially the case when it comes to online stores.


According to surveys, lawyers are another highly sought-after group in 2017. The targets will mainly be traffic accident, work accident and civil rights lawyers. These professionals will be asked for a high level of competence in languages ​​and management skills in addition to their national and international legal knowledge. Being able to offer helpful legal advice in the future will be even more valuable than it is now!

Wine Industry

More and more entrepreneurs dare to make wine, an industry in full swing around the world. The areas of cultivated wine vineyards keep increasing and with them there a rise in new and unique wines such as the blue wine. If you are interested in working in this sector that is currently on the rise, there is a varied offer of titles linked to the wine industry, from making it to distributing it and this includes even online stores offering high quality wines such as Wine Outlet.

Personal Trainers and Nutritionists

In addition, the market will still need personal trainers, sports coaches and especially nutritionists. They will be asked for academic training, but it will also be positively valued that candidates have a business vision and on field experience. People are becoming more conscious about their bodies and healthy living with each passing day, and perfect nutrition and exercise is what they are turning to. They will need someone to guide them though and that’s what gives way to the opening of more such job positions in the sector.


On the other hand, the retail area will continue to focus on improving the customer experience in its stores, whether physical or online. As for electronic commerce, such as Abalo Publicidad, specialization grows, with offers focused on profiles with training in positioning; SEO and SEM. Companies will need workers with the ability to generate business through new technologies. Therefore, the new labour market will opt for active workers in social networks as a tool for generating value.

The companies demand that the future workers have academic training, but above all management skills and strategy, initiative, decision making, communication and ability to work as a team. Languages ​​will play an important role when it comes to hiring. Of course, English will be appreciated, as well as others that are on the rise, such as Chinese or Russian.

Companies will value positively adaptability to change, attitude and empathy. Knowing how to communicate well will open many doors.


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