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It is important that students give themselves the best start in life during such a difficult economic climate. Times are tough and the job market is stagnant so students at university need to make themselves stand out from the crowd by studying hard and achieving the highest grades. By going to a top UK university, many of which are based in London, you can improve your chances of getting a great job.

But did you know that your Facebook page or your Twitter account can hinder your job possibilities? Surveys have found that prospective employers check profiles on social networking sites before hiring personnel, so here is a guide for students to ensure that they do not ruin any opportunities.

It is well-known that students publish funny pictures from their nights out including fancy dress photos and images of drunkenness. But according to a study by CareerBuilder, the top reason employers reject candidates is for posting inappropriate and explicit photographs. A Facebook page is entitled to state personal points of view but to some extent your private thoughts need to be kept hidden to avoid causing offence.

With the internet being so vast and permanent, you need to be cautious of what image you are portraying online. It may be great boasting to your classmates how many drinks you had during the bar crawl last night but clearly a future boss will not deem this as a beneficial skill. This doesn’t mean that you cannot post any pictures of your fun times at university because going to higher education is one of the best times of your life but you do need to be conscientious of any self-defamatory photos which can come back and haunt you years down the line.

On the other hand, one survey in America showed that having a lot of friends on Facebook can possess the jobs worthy trait of being friendly. The key is to keep a balance of social interactivity and fun with professionalism. Keep in the back of your mind the knowledge that an upcoming employer will soon be stalking your page to find dirt on your private antics, so the tip is to ensure that there is nothing to find!

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