Hearing loss and the younger generation

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As a teacher in a secondary school, I’ve often wondered why some students sit closer to the back of the room despite poor eyesight. Their reluctance to move closer and in some cases to wear the glasses that are in their bags or most often in a drawer somewhere at home really worrying. If students can’t see the board they can’t learn.

Well back in 1996 I was one of those students and my life as a student changed for the better with the development of affordable contact lenses. The first time they were fitted my life really was changed for ever and I could now see the board and also my friends walking towards me before they were 3 feet away.

Well science has made amazing advancements in the field of vision with glasses, contact lenses and even laser vision correction, but a new hurdle that is being pushed over is hearing.

Watch the video below to see how an 8 month old baby overcame hearing loss with a cochlear implant.

In fact there are are many videos like this on YouTube. Many are babies but there are also numerous showing the elderly and young adults benefiting from hearing aids.

UK Hearing Care have many hearing aid types. The traditional behind the ear hearing aids are still common for students except they are now slimmer. Other types of aid include “Open and receiver in Canal: (Open/RIC), “In the Ear” (ITE/Full Shell), “In the Canal” (Half Shell), “Completely in the Canal” (CIC) and “Invisible in the Canal” (IIC).

Being a self-conscious student you may be happy to know that the days of the large piece of plastic clipped to your ear are gone. These solutions are very discrete, small and neat solutions that can improve your experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Sounds like there are a lot of choices and there are but looking into a hearing aid solution doesn’t have to be daunting but it should be on your list if you are a student with some hearing loss. Just like the effect of being able to see the board, being able to hear the teacher during class can dramatically improve learning outcomes.

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