Three Ways to Have Fun But Also Stay Productive During Your Next Study Break

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Congratulations! You’ve managed to study long enough and hard enough to feel you deserve a break. That’s pretty great considering it’s often really difficult to focus on studying when there are so many distraction options such as social media, mobile phones and, you know, staring off into space.

We think you deserve to have the most enjoyable yet productive study break in the history of time and we’ve come up with a few different ideas for you to try out. Whether you enjoy playing online games, snacking or getting your pulse rate up during your break, we’ve got you covered.

Play Online Games

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Let’s start off with the best productivity trick in the world: playing online games. Casino games are a particularly great option as they allow your brain to wind down a little, yet they are also sure to boost your energy back up before you continue studying. Plus, there are a variety of sites you can choose from, with each offering an interesting selection of games, sometimes exclusive to them. For instance, you can visit online, an online casino that specialises in Bitcoin gaming, to find a stellar collection of slots, classic casino fixtures and even live poker. By indulging in these games on your break you are sure to have fun and perk yourself up a bit before returning to your studies.

Exercise Your Body While Your Brain Rests

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If you feel your brain deserves a break, you may want to concentrate on giving your body a workout. Not only will a little exercise enable you to get up out of your chair and stretch your legs for a little while, it could even improve your ability to study. According to a study conducted by Bristol University, employees who were encouraged to partake in workplace gym sessions experienced numerous benefits. For instance, 72% felt that their time management on exercise days was significantly improved, whilst 79% experienced increased mental and interpersonal performance on exercise days.

Eat Healthy Snacks

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Of course, you don’t necessarily need to do exercise to ensure your study break remains both healthy and productive. In fact, you can actually eat your way through your study break as long as you choose healthy snacks and make conscious comfort food decisions. Mixed nuts, fruits, edamame, seeds, yoghurt, eggs and fish are all on the proverbial table, as they each provide crucial nutrients for the body. You could even include string cheese and dark chocolate in the mix if you’re looking for a quick and easy study break snack. Then, by the time you return to studying you’ll be refuelled and re-energised, ready to take on those books.

Now just make sure you stick to your schedule and don’t take a second more time for a break than you planned for. After all, if you’re going to play hard you also need to work hard.

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