Crazy UK Laws Explained

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The UK is known for being one of the finest countries on the planet, – home to the world’s most famous royal family and lover of all things afternoon tea – we have developed a reputation for doing this the ‘right’ way, but we do have a slightly wilder side too.

As these rather crazy laws prove, when it comes to making rules we have a tendency to take things a little too far. Whilst you may not knowingly have broken any of these laws, some are so ridiculous that you may have broken them once or twice!

Suspicious Salmon Handling

Stop…don’t pick up that salmon! Before you pick it up, make sure you aren’t doing so suspiciously. Yes, that really is the law. According to the Salmon Act of 1986 you shouldn’t handle a salmon suspiciously.

Whilst the law actually related to selling fish through illicit means, it might be worth a little rewording of the law don’t you think? None of us want to be arrested on our weekly shop as we inspect a packet of salmon.

Door Knocking

We’ve all played the famous childhood game of knocking on a door, before running off in hysterics before they open it. It’s practically a rite of passage here in the UK to play that game in your younger years. But, you could actually end up behind bars if you aren’t careful.

It’s illegal to ‘wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant by pulling or ringing any doorbell or knocking at any door without lawful excuse’. So, next time you see someone playing it in the street, a polite warning wouldn’t go amiss.

Jumping the Queue

Queuing for what feels like hours, or sometimes days on end isn’t fun, but we all know it’s impolite to push in front of someone. After all, how many of us mumble our annoyance under out breath when someone does it to us?

Did you know that it’s actually illegal in some circumstances to jump the line? Transport for London bylaws state that you must join the queue at the back to buy a ticket. Fail to do so could result in a £1,000 fine. A cost none of us would want to pay on top of the usual train fares.

Giving a Bad Reference

Worked with an employee who wasn’t quite up to scratch? Well you’d better stop before you write a bad reference. Whilst, not strictly illegal, giving a false reference could be considered libellous, and you may have to defend your reference in court.

It’s worth reading up on your working rights, especially if you are on the receiving end of a bad reference and are concerned something may come back to haunt you and impact on you career.

Christmas Day Mince Pie

This one is no longer law, but it’s simply too outrageous not to include in this round up. Way back when Oliver Cromwell was ruling the place, legend had it he banned the act of eating a mince pie on Christmas Day.

Imagine. A Christmas Day with no mince pies. It’s hardly worth thinking about. The law was supposedly in place to tackle the gluttony problem, however when Charles II became King the ruling never survived.

Being Drunk In a Pub

‘Shall we go for a couple?’ – The infamous last words, before you wake up the next day with a hangover like you’ve never experience before. We’ve all been there, but being drunk in a pub is supposedly against the law.

A bit similar to the salmon fiasco, this one needs some clarification. It’s actually the pub owner of manager who this applies to as they are required by law to not permit ‘drunkenness or other disorderly conduct’. Word of advice? Keep it sensible and avoid being thrown out your local.

So, now you know the rather crazy laws which still exist. Just make sure you stay in the good books now, and on the right side of the law.


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