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As a student it can often be hard to balance your money whilst still having a good time. It’s a well known student habit to scrimp by on beans on toast and dry pasta in order to ensure you don’t miss that big night out! However, here we take a look at a way to set up your own poker game at home in order to save a bit of money.

There are plenty of benefits to home poker; firstly it can act as a fantastic training experience before you decide to take the plunge either into casinos or online poker rooms. Secondly it can prove a fun and social opportunity to get all your friends together. A further benefit of playing poker from your own home is that it is generally cheaper. You can decide between yourselves how much you want to stake (if anything at all), it may be that you don’t want to play for real-money and instead just play for fun. Setting up a poker game in your own home also means that you avoid the additional costs (usually over priced!) charged in the casinos. For example you can get your own food and drink in, and do not need to leave table tips or other charges included when playing in a casino.


Below are a few tips which should assist you in setting up a successful poker game at home.

  • Consider the buy in amount: This is the amount of money you stake in order to enter the game. This amount is up to you but make sure it is low enough for everyone to participate yet just high enough that everyone feels invested in the action. It can also be a good idea to allow re-buys (typically half the amount of the original buy-in) into the action so no one feels left out if they bust too early in the night
  • Consider the type of game you are going to play. You may wish to stick to one game all night or mix things up a bit.
  • With a home game it is often difficult to pace it right, it can often move too slowly. In order to prevent this you could increase your blinds based on a timetable.
  • There are many sites online, for example blog, which provide tips on poker strategies. It may be worth having a read up on some of these, as the poker host you will be expected to know at least a little bit about poker!
  • Most importantly make sure you have fun!


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  1. Stuart Brown says:

    Good article. I love playing home tournaments with my mates, it doesn’t even matter how much it is worth! If any students are interested I run the national student poker league online. It is just as cheap as playing a home game with your friends, and there is less organisation involved. Feel free to look at the UKUPL website and join if you want, it’s free.

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