Sexual health advice for students

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University can be one of the most daunting things you have faced in your young life and it can sometimes seem like a minefield to explore. Whether you’re a wallflower wishing to grow more confident or a regular party animal who views your studies as secondary importance, a lot of situations are going to come your way in exploring any of the social scenes at university. So it’s best that you know what’s what when it comes to sexual health and some of the problems which can occur in your sex life.

There are plenty of other articles out there which will go over the dangers of the more obvious and widespread STI’s such as Chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhoea, so we thought instead it would be a good idea to look at some of the less talked about and more obscure problems that students can face when it comes to their sexual health.

Premature ejaculation

There’s no real way to cure premature ejaculation but there are ways to combat it. Desensitizing cream is available and works by lessening the sensation felt during sex, although most men say that it makes sex less pleasurable and the desensitizing effect can be transferred to the woman, so it’s a good idea to discuss it first. Condoms can also be a great help believe it or not – besides it being good practice against STI’s, the thicker a condom the more it can help reduce sensation and thus make you last longer. Herbal treatments are also available which can also help boost sex drive and increase control of your ejaculation.

Difficulty reaching orgasm

On the flip side some young men and women have trouble reaching orgasm solely through penetration, which can be frustrating to both them and their partner. There’s no real way to treat it other than with patience and to not make a big thing out of it as this can lead to anger and resentment. Oral sex is always a good start to this problem, some women say they can’t climax without it. Although it’s a thorny subject, bringing a vibrator into the bedroom and using it during sex can be just the thing to push a woman over the edge too. Another good idea is to have some sex sessions where the person who is struggling to climax calls all the shots, sometimes it takes stimulation of the mind to stimulate your sexual organs.

Erectile dysfunction

The most common cause of erection dysfunction is problems with blood supply to the penis. This can come from a lot of factors, mainly psychological among the young, such as stress, anxiety and depression. Recreational drugs such as cocaine can also cause the inability to get or maintain and erection. If the problems extend beyond the psychological, drugs such as Viagra and its many offshoots can be a quick fix to the problem.

We hope this article has helped bring to light some of the more obscure problems you may face in your sexually active years at university and will help you. It is always a good idea to go to your local GP or sexual health clinic with any lingering problems, most universities have very good and dedicated staff who can help in many ways.

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