About us

London Student Magazine and LondonStudent.co.uk are independent from any London university or related organisation including ULU and The London Student Newspaper.

Together, we are a growing group of London students and Alumni, who enjoy collaborating on web and print projects. The foundation for the website is the collection of forums.

The London Student Forums allow students (past, present and prospective) to communicate from wherever they are as well as be a central location to:

  • Buy and sell stuff
  • Find accommodation
  • Look for jobs
  • Promote events or societies
  • Discuss politics, dating, entertainment, education
  • Offer tutoring services
  • Participate in individual university forums

There are many more reasons to register and get involved in the forums, so if you haven’t already done so register now!

The newest part of our website is the first part you’ve seen:
London Student Magazine Online. This is our new blog/news homepage.

Our aim is for this to be a popular destination for students across London (and maybe further) to visit for an informative read about the following topics:

  • Student news
  • Student Sport
  • Politics
  • Science and technology
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Travel

These are the categories that make up the London Student Online Magazine and many of the news stories submitted will likely translate into our quarterly print magazine – London Student Magazine. (Click here to find out more about our publication)

These sections are also listed on the right and clicking will take you to recent articles in those categories.

As we are always looking for talented and creative writers, designers and web developers – get in touch if you would like to participate.

You can register to write for our print/web magazine here.

* Please note that this is a different registration process to registering for the forums. You can find out more about reistering, logging in, and how to start posting your news by visiting the contribute page.

We would really love you to get involved. We understand that the only way to continue to grow LondonStudent.co.uk is to add valuable content to the website. That includes adding to our number of contributors for news stories and increasing the number and quality of discussions on the forums.

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