Finding A Student Job With Low Requirements In London

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Finding a job with few requirements for temporary work in London can be an easy task or it can become quite difficult. It is very important to know where and how to look for work as soon as possible.

Such student jobs could be in a restaurant, cafe or shops, and is something that can be done for a few weeks or months, either with the intention of advancing your career, and intend to advance slowly in this sector, or it may be for example to spend a summer in London in order to adjust to the city with the intention of finding a different job in the future when you’re more comfortable in the city.

Find temporary work is not difficult if you are willing to work in shops, cafes, restaurants or hotels, as there is always demand for employees for these businesses. The reason for this is because such employees come and go all the time.

Before looking for work, familiarize yourself with the steps you need to follow. Please note that if you have your security number the process is usually faster and easier. Also having a bank account open will be required.

Usually, it is possible to apply for jobs by going straight and delivering resumes in hand in the different local enterprises while you take a walk through London, or you can make it through the websites of each company, and today in many places you actually will have only the option of delivering your CV in this way.

There are several coffee chains like Caffe Nero, Cafe Costa or Starbucks, and from their websites one can fill out a job application. In addition, restaurants and chains such as Burger King, McDonalds and other restaurants are other possibilities.

Finding work in clothing stores is another possibility. You can apply for employment in clothing stores. Any UK city is full of boutiques and department stores, so it is not difficult to find something in this sector.

If you do not like clothing stores, or just prefer to work in goods stores or shoe stores, there’re also stationery stores, electronics stores, grocery shops and supermarkets.

Finally, one of the most popular jobs for students especially for the summer months are the au pair opportunities. It’s the job where you join a household and take care of children. For this type of work it is recommended to contact an agency that arranges the accommodation with the family. There are definitely a lot of options!



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  1. Mikhil Raja says:

    We have just launched a mobile app in the London (Quikjobs for Jobseekers) to help students find full-time and part-time jobs within restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops, events etc. No need for job boards, agencies etc. Hundreds of employers currently looking – download the app to connect with them instantly.

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  2. Yelena Hopper says:

    Thanks for sharing your valuable information.

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