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The people behind this website is a growing group of London students and Alumni, who enjoy collaborating on web and print projects. We would love for you to get involved and are currently recruiting:

  • Writers for the following categories for our online magazine and print version:
  1. Student news
  2. Student sport
  3. Politics
  4. Science and technology
  5. Entertainment
  6. Fashion
  7. Travel

If you think you have what it takes then please register as a contributor and you can start posting your news and stories immediately. These stories will be placed into a moderation queue but usually will be published to our website within a few hours often instantly.

1. Once you have registered you’ll be able to login by clicking on the login box on our homepage (*Please note that this is a different process to registration/login for the forums)

2. After logging in you will see this screen (this is a ‘wordpress’ screen which is the software that our news blog is based)

Although there may be other information on this page – you only need to click the ‘write’ link.

3. You will then be taken to a compose page (click the image below to enlarge)

You only need to fill out the following fields:

  • Title
  • Post
  • Tags (optional – descriptive keywords)
  • Categories (at least one)
  • Excerpt (a short description of the post)

4. After you have competed the fields you just need to press submit for it to be reviewed and published.

There are other options to jazz up your news and blog posts such as embedding photos, music and video but the 4 steps above are the basics. Pretty easy, eh?

If journalism isn’t for you, then maybe you would like to participate in our forums either as a ‘registered user’ or as a moderator.

The London Student Forums allow students (past, present and prospective) to communicate from wherever they are as well as be a central location to:

  • Buy and sell stuff
  • Find accommodation
  • Look for jobs
  • Promote events or societies
  • Discuss politics, dating, entertainment, education
  • Offer tutoring services
  • Participate in individual university forums
  • Escape for 5 minutes to play in our arcade
  • Send limited free SMS messages

There are many more reasons to register and get involved in the forums, so if you haven’t already done so register now! If you enjoy posting and getting involved and would like more responsibility (and power, mwahahahaha!) then contact us to see if we are recruiting moderators.

Moderators have special powers to edit/delete posts, issue infractions to badly behaved forum members etc.


Thanks again for thinking about contributing. Take time to look around the site. Why not:

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