How AI Is Already Being Used in Everyday Life

| May 23, 2020

Artificial intelligence is a type of technology that many people have heard of, but few actually understand what it means. This kind of technology is often seen as the villain in TV shows and movies, but it can actually be very beneficial to many businesses and individuals.

In this article, we are going to look at how AI is already being used in our everyday lives. You might find that you are using AI without even realising it.

What Is AI?

If you are not familiar with what AI is then you should know that it involves creating intelligent machines that react like humans. The AI industry is one that has been growing for many years and many are predicting that it will reach new heights in the future. London entrepreneur Tej Kohli recently stated that he believes that AI will be worth $150 trillion in just a few years. When you consider some of the leading AI players are Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet, this indicates that AI is something we should be watching out for.

So, how are we already using AI?

Email Filters

One of the most common places that AI technology is being used in your everyday life is in your inbox. For those who use Gmail, you’ll find that your emails are automatically sorted into various folders. How does the email client on your mobile phone know that certain emails are updates, and some are spam? Artificial intelligence is the answer and it is very effective.


If you are someone who frequently uses chatbots to ask questions online or solve problems, you will have likely experienced AI. Chatbots are able to deliver helpful answers to customers because of the AI technology that is helping them to operate. This means that you will feel as though you are talking to a real person when it is, in fact, a computer.

Product Recommendations

Another time where you will experience AI is when you are shopping online. When you use a site like Amazon, for example, you will receive product recommendations. This includes recommending products based on your searches as well as products that other people have bought in relation to what is in your basket. This uses artificial intelligence and it is usually quite effective.

Music Recommendations

Finally, you will probably have been using AI without realising it when you are listening to music on applications such as Spotify. Many of these music services will monitor what you are listening to with AI and then use this information to offer you a more personalised experience. Spotify will even create playlists for you based on this and they can work very well.


Whether you realist it or not, you are probably using AI technology all the time in your personal life and in the office. AI is everywhere and as it develops; we’ll start to see some major improvements. Make sure to keep an eye on this industry as it is set to be a profitable one.

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