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Advertising with will bring instant exposure to your product, service or website. The site has advertising opportunities across both the news / blog portion of the website as well as the extremely popular forums. receives approximately 600+ visitors each and every day and this number is growing.  The forums have approximately 5,500 registered members, 18,000 threads and 115,000 posted messages.

There are about 22,000 webpages indexed in Google and monthly visits and page views are approximately 20,000 and 110,000 respectively.

Here’s a map of the advertising we offer on the news / blog portion of

Here’s a description of the placements

  1. Advertorial – Send us your press release and product, tickets, etc.. We will then review your product, service or website and will write about it. The article will appear in our featured section for a specific amount of time after which it will be retired as it is succeeded by another article. The article and your information will still be accessible through our archives or by users viewing the articles category, even after it’s retired.
  2. Horizontal banner space under featured article on the homepage
  3. Square block side column banner (310px x 310px approximately)
  4. Tower side column banner (160px x 600px approximately)
  5. Small side column advertisement
  6. Short horizontal side column banner (310px x 150px approximately)
  7. Square block page bottom banner (310px x 310px approximately)
  8. Video advertisement unit (310px x 310px approximately)

If you are interested in finding out more including a rate card for the 8 placements above, please contact us with full details of your product or service. We’ll try to respond quickly.


Here’s a description of the types of advertising we offer on the forum portion of

  1. Banner placements. Forums left column (200px x 300px approximately)
  2. Email/PM service. Your message can be sent to registered members by the sites internal private messaging system or by email. This can be included as part of our newsletter.
  3. Text message advertising. offers a limited FREE text message system to registered users. Students use this system to send messages to friends and family. We automatically insert a short message at the end of each of these text messages closed in brackets ( ). As this is a very personal medium a short line of text is sometimes more effective than a banner, depending on the message and product/service. Register on our forums and try out the FREE text service by sending a message to yourself here.

To find out more about advertising on the forum section of, including text advertising and email alerts, please contact us with full details of your product or service.


There may be other ways that we can help you advertise and so get in touch and let us know if you have a custom campaign in mind.