Studying In London? How To Find Your Own Place To Live In The Capital

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As a student in London, life is particularly expensive. London is one of the most costly places in the world to live, and as a student, you need to have a good amount of money behind you just to survive. Accommodation is the biggest expense you face once you have paid your University fees. Rents and property prices are very high in the capital, but there are places for students that can make life just a little more affordable. When it comes to student accommodation, halls are very good value for money when you consider all the facilities and security that is available to you.

So what happens when you are no longer eligible for halls of residence? There are plenty of places to rent in London, and renting is far more affordable than trying to get a mortgage. If you are looking for somewhere to rent in London, you can try websites like that details a lot of properties all in one place. It is easier and more convenient than trawling around all the agencies in the city.

Renting in London is usually more expensive than elsewhere in Britain, but you do get some fantastic facilities right on your doorstep. As well as being within easy reach of your University, you can enjoy the best nightlife in the world in London. Clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and theatres are all so easy to get to if you live in London. With the night buses, you can stay out as late as you like and still get home safe on your standard travel card.

If you do look to rent in London, it will be unusual for you to have much outdoor space to call your own. Fortunately, London has some of the most magnificent parks and green spaces of any capital city. There are plenty of leisure activities you can take part in too, and plenty to keep you entertained. If you are in your final year at University, now may be the time to consider renting your own place and securing a good job in the capital. There aren’t many cities that offer a better place to live.


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Checking out the current rental prices for property can really open your eyes to see what you can afford. Maybe this year you can only afford something basic on the top floor in zone 6. Seeing what you can aspire to closer to zone 3 and 2 will give you an idea of the kind of salary you are hoping to command when you graduate. You will also have to pay Council Tax if you are no longer a student. This can be quite expensive, so don’t blow all your money on a big flat when a one bedroom apartment will do. Sharing the rent with two or three other people is always a good idea. It takes the pressure off you, especially when you are new to your job and surroundings. Having some company certainly helps a property feel more like home too.



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