Who Said London Accommodation Had To Be Stressful?

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For obvious reasons, London is a prime tourist area. For international visitors, a trip here is a sure way to the quintessential heart of Britain. Even for UK residents, visiting London can feel like paying homage to their roots. As such, you wouldn’t be alone if you’re planning a visit here.

Whether you’ve written a list of excursions or already invested in cheap London theatre tickets, you can bet you’re in for a trip to remember. It is worth mentioning, though, that London can also get pretty stressful. The sheer size of the city can get overwhelming. Add to that the number of people, and your trip could soon end up full of anxiety. That is, of course, unless you think of ways to destress before your arrival. One of your best bets for doing that is to take the stress out of your accommodation. If you have to traipse around for hours to find where you’re staying, your trip will be over before it’s begun. So, keep stress at bay with the following London accommodation pointers.

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Book in advance

In a city like London, booking accommodation well in advance is a must. If you hope to find somewhere after your arrival, you’re in for a shock. The sheer amount of tourists here mean that you’ll never be able to find a room on the day. Even booking a month ahead could be cutting it fine. This is especially true at prime times, when even basic hotel accommodation is sure to be crammed full. Make sure you aren’t left to stress by booking up the moment you consider a London stay. Only with your booking confirmation to hand can you rest easy that you won’t end up sleeping on London’s streets.

Look for somewhere central

Next, make sure to book somewhere central. Often, we try to book on the outer edges of London to keep costs down. But, this can lead to no end of stress. Book far enough away from the centre, and you’re going to spend a day on the tube working out how to get there. With a central location like Leicester Square, though, you ensure you’re right in the heart of the action. This ensures your accommodation will be easy to find. Booking early enough could also still see you bagging a deal here.

Work out how to get there before you go

Even in central London locations, hotels are often hidden away behind the attractions. As such, even those staying in Piccadilly Circus could end up stressing themselves out if they don’t know where they’re going. The last tip to a stress-free stay, then, is to work it out before you get there. Most hotels provide maps to help you find them, so make sure to look at these before heading off. It may also be worth checking out an underground map. That way, you’ll know exactly which trains to catch to reach your accommodation. As simple as that, you can get your London trip off to a flying start.

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